Please give 3 pages work to answer the following 6 questions:

1) Describe an ethical dilemma or conflict of interest that occurred in your life, and how it was resolved. (1 page limit)

2) Some colleges have a student-run Board of Ethics to enforce the school’s student code. If you were in such a school and saw a fellow student cheating on a test, under what circumstances would you report it or not, and why? (1 page limit)

3) Describe how you personally feel about your transition from student to professional. (1 page limit)

4) In what ways do the precepts of a code of ethics differ from law? (1 page limit)

5) You are employed by a geotechnical engineering firm. The city hired your firm to assess the possible instability of a hillside that they own. You find that the hillside was in great danger of sliding and recommend that drain lines be installed immediately to remove as much water from the slope as possible. Before the city can get that work done, the hill collapses and damages homes below. The homeowners sue your company1 because you didn’t tell them about the danger. Should you have? The homeowners’ suit relied on a state law that provides that engineers have a duty to “safeguard life, health, property and to promote the public welfare,” a statement similar to the first principles in most engineering codes of ethics. (1 page limit)

6) Distracted drivers account for over 20% of injury crashes. The greatest source of driver distraction is use of a wireless device. Discuss: should engineers continue to design vehicles with built-in GPS devices, or would this be an action inconsistent with the safety, health and welfare of the public? (1 page limit)

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