custom sandwich shop

P2: Custom Sandwich Shop


A local group of investors has come up with a new concept for a sandwich shop. At this shop, every customer will be able to create their own specialty sandwich, and add it to the menu with a custom name. In other words, every customer will be able to walk into the store, order “the usual,” and get exactly what they had in mind. Customers can pre-order a sandwich to go by using texting, Twitter, and other social/interactive media. They can build a new sandwich at any time and enter it into the database. Customers’ existing menu items can be modified at any time.

For example, Mary could create a ham and turkey sandwich on rye, with mustard, anchovies, and radishes. Once she’s entered that combination into the database, she names it Mary’s Pretty Good Sandwich, and hits “save.” The next time Mary is in the shop, she orders the sandwich by name. The folks in the back pull up the saved ingredients list and make the sandwich just the way she likes it.

Benefits to the customer include the ability to customize their lunch, and the “pride of ownership” of having their creation be a part of the menu. The benefit to the restaurant is the repeat business from customers with custom sandwiches on the menu, as well as potential buzz that the experience may create. The owners of the shop have found the site of their first store. It will be in Charlotte at 1421 Elizabeth Avenue.


The client is looking to you for the following:
1. Three possible names for the shop. The names should express the concept behind the store, and be unique and easy to remember. (Be sure to Google each of the names you come up with to make sure they are not already being used.) Select one of your three names to use throughout the rest of the assignment.
(10 points)

2. A press release describing the store concept and announcing its opening. (30 points)

3. Copy for the “menu,” which will be an in-store piece that describes the concept, the process, and the available ingredients. It should also include other items the shop will sell (drinks, sides, etc.), as well as additional information you think would be helpful to customers. (30 points)

4. A low-budget ad campaign to announce the shop’s grand opening. The form this campaign takes is up to you. What are some low-cost ways of getting the word out to the neighborhood around the shop, plus the larger community of potential customers? Think about where the shop is located, and who your potential customers are. As part of this campaign, come up with at least two different print ads you think would benefit the company and write the copy. Specify the size and location of the print ads. Where will they be seen? (30 points)


All of the communications coming from the shop need to be consistent, have a common voice, and be aligned with the brand attributes of the company. Therefore, you need to decide what the brand attributes are. You need to decide what key words describe the business and what it values, based on what you already know. Use those words to guide both the formal and informal writing that you will be working on.

Each part of the assignment should be typed and assembled into a neat document or group of documents. Name each file and each page of your document(s) as outlined in the syllabus and class announcements about naming protocol.



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