compare and contrast 5 6 page research essay due wednesday

claim that will support an argument that a person, thing, or event caused another thing or event to occur.

The general topic we will be exploring in this essay cycle is technology’s effect on communication (reading, writing, etc.). You can choose the specific technology (cause) and outcome (effect) you wish to explore. For example, you may want to research and write about the ways computers have affected teaching strategies, the ways in which social networking sites have affected communication in relationships, or even the ways in which the internet has affected how we read. The individual topic is up to you, but remember: your chosen area should be specific enough that you can fully address the topic in 5-6 pages.

Goals: Critical Thinking Levels
Understand and remember the historical material.
Understand, remember, and apply guidelines for standard English.
Analyze the information and sort causes or effects into logical categories for your analysis.
Analyze the audience, packaging your information so that your readers can follow it.
Analyze and evaluate your research material: Choose credible sources and extract applicable quotations, paraphrases, or summaries to support your analysis.
Understand, remember, and apply the appropriate mode (organizational pattern, assignment requirements).
Understand, remember, and apply MLA format and documentation guidelines.
Evaluate writing by critiquing your own and your peers’ work

Length: Five-Six (5-6) typed pages

Audience: College-level who have some familiarity with topics

Format: MLA, with MLA documentation, parenthetical documentation, and a works cited page.

Sources: You will incorporate at minimum 3 sources in this essay. I encourage you to use one of our in-class essays from this cycle as one of these sources (Baron or Carr). Unless I have approved other options, these sources must include the following:
§ One or more academic essays from a scholarly journal
§ Two or more other sources of your choice (a book from the library, an online news article from a reputable source, etc.).

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