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In text citation




Answer the below case study 


Baraka loves to dance. However, he and his friends notice that he misses easy steps more and more often. In fact, Baraka almost seems intoxicated because his coordination is so badly affected. Baraka’s physicians tell him that he has a myelin disorder. How would such a disorder cause Baraka’s symptoms? Name a specific myelin disorder and explain how this disease causes similar problems.


Answer the following supplemental question(s) in an essay format: 2 to 3 pages


In this case study Baraka’s symptoms suggest a specific myelin sheath disorder.  Search the myelin sheath disorder that you discussed for the case study in a library data base like EBSCO HOST.  Choose a scientific article, read and summarize.  I realize that these articles may be very medical in content but you should still be able to read the introduction and discussion parts of the article to get an understanding of the reported findings.  Keep searching until you find one that you are comfortable reading and summarizing.  Make sure you provide APA citation of the article!


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