capstone 5 1


Prepare two (2) new entries for your annotated bibliography. These entries should identify the superordinate goals of your organization. These sources will serve as the basis of your case analysis for this module. In a concluding paragraph, discuss to what extent you believe the superordinate goals (or core organizational values) parallel the actual strategies, culture and operations of the organization.


Write up your bibliography as directed in Module 1 and turn in by the end of this module.


Assignment Expectations


When your paper is done, proofread it (use both spell and grammar checks), and then upload it.


Use information from the modular background as well as any good-quality resource you can find. Cite all sources at the end of your paper.


The following will also be specifically assessed:


Your ability to clearly communicate your understanding of the concepts (i.e., clouding, etc.).


Your ability to link the concepts to the issues of privacy, transparency and reliability.


Length: 2–3 pages, double-spaced.


Rubel, T. (1994, Jan). Connecting the dots: Vision, strategy and execution. Chain Store Age Executive with Shopping Center Age, 70(1), 30-32.


Yudd, R. (2003, July 28). Real-life mentoring lights way for future leaders. Nation’s Restaurant News, pp. 48-49.


Chaston, I. (1995). A typology for evaluating branch-level perceptions of internal customer management processes within the UK clearing banks. The Service Industries Journal, 15(3), 332-349.


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