business developmental plan

***This paper should be an extention of my module paper below adding 2 pages****

*** The company is Delta Airlines”” Please read the entire paper below. This was a market domain attached- as those with disabilities.***

The analysis should begin with a synopsis of the growth and development of your chosen industry and market domain. It should highlight key milestones in the market to relay those factors that contributed to changes in the market domain. It should then discuss the company’s capabilities and limitations in order to identify where a company may and may not be able to take advantage of the market opportunities. The analysis must include a high-level analysis and milestones that are needed in order to make the analysis come to fruition. As in all planning, the analysis must at a minimum include the details of who in the company will take what actions and when. It is not important to specify data in the list of milestones, but the sequencing of major milestones should be clearly identified in the analysis.

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