assignment principles economics

Write a six to twelve sentence paragraph on each of the following topics. In each paragraph, define the sub-listed terms, and briefly but rigorously explain how that term would be applied to the current state of the economy. Please bold each vocabulary word used. You are required to use 15 of the following terms.

Topic 1: Gross Domestic Product 

a.Measuring GDP

b.Public transfer payments 

c.Real GDP

d.Business Cycles 

Topic 2: Unemployment 

a.Measuring Unemployment 

b.Types of Unemployment 

c.Full employment 

Topic 3: Inflation 

a.Measuring inflation 

b.Demand pull inflation 


Topic 4: Fiscal Policy  

a.Expansionary & Contractionary Fiscal Policy 

b.Automatic Stabilizer 

c.Crowding out Effect

d.Lag time

Topic 5: Monetary Policy

a.Fractional Banking System 

b.Money Multiplier 

c.Open Market Operations

d.Reserve Ratio 

e.Discount Rate

f.Term Audition Facility 







Rubric:  Including each topic in your paper earns 4 points per topic. Each term in the paper used earns 2 points per term. 


Grading Rubric

ParagraphIncludedKey 1Key 2Key 3Key 4Key 5

GDP (12 points)

Unemployment (10 points)

Inflation (10 points)

Fiscal Policy (12 points)

Monterrey Policy (16 points)


Minimum word requirements, and Grammar (5 points)

Use of at least one outside source (5 points)



NumberKEY CONCEPTSDefinedUsed Correctly

1Measuring GDP

2Public Transfer Payments

3Real GDP

4Business Cycles

5Measuring Unemployment

6Types of Unemployment

7Full Employment

8Measuring Inflation

9Demand Pull Inflation  


11Expansionary & Contractionary Fiscal Policy  

12Automatic Stabilizer

13Crowding Out Effect

14Lag Time

15Fractional Banking System

16Reserve Ratio

17Open Market Operations

18Money Multiplier

19Discount Rate

20Term Auction Faculty


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