Project Communication Management Plan

Create a 350- to 700-word Communication Management Plan for the project scenario you chose in Week 2.

Develop a table in which you identify project and portfolio stakeholders and their influence on the project.

Align effective communication tools and techniques with each stakeholder.

Explain why the methods of communication identified are most effective.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Scenario 5: Adding company vehicles

You work for a major grocery chain. A special department handles internal investigations of employee theft and fraud. The investigators must travel to individual stores to interview suspects. Stores may be in the same city or several hours away. To protect the identity and personal property of the investigators, your company provides a company car when traveling to store locations. The four investigators share one company car. Each investigator uses the company car on average 2 days per week. Scheduling conflicts with the company vehicle often delay interviews and interfere with investigations. A recent performance analysis indicated that positive resolution to an investigation diminishes with delayed interviews. The company president is considering adding three more company cars to its fleet and changing the policy so that each investigator is assigned his or her own vehicle.

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