30 multiple choice questions about children developement

Michael, who is quite familiar with birds, sees an airplane for the first time and calls it a “bird.” Jean Piaget, Michael is exhibiting: a.Conservation b.Accommodation c.Reciprocal determinism d.Assimilation 2 The period of the zygote lasts about _____, beginning with _____. a.3 months; fertilization b.2 weeks; fertilization c.2 weeks; implantation d.3 months; implantation 3. According to ecological systems theory, the behaviors of each family member affect those of othrs. This represents the concept of _____ influences. a.Bidirectional b.Learned c.Predetermined d.Universal 4 Which of the following terms represent ideas by Piaget a.Schemes b.Assimilation c.All of the above d.Accommodation 5 Theories who believe the child to be a passive reactor to the environment are called: a.Naturalistic b.Mechanistic c.Dynamic d.Organismic 6 (3 points) The period of the embryo last from the ____ week through the _____ week of pregnancy a.third; tenth b.first; third c.second; eight d.fourth; twelfth 7 (3 points) ______ is the process by which the DNA ladder splits down the middle, replicating itself when each base pairs up with a new mate from the cytoplasm of the cell a.Natural selection b.Meiosis c.Crossing over d.Mitosis 8 (3 points) Which of the following terms are not characteristic of information processing theory? Memory Menarche Attention Thinking 9 (3 points) ______ represents the union between the sperm and the egg scheme zygote teratogens none of the above 10 (3 points) _____ are developmental characteristics that one can directly observe Latents None of the above Phenotype Genotype 11 (3 points) Which items represent mental strategies noted in information processing theory? Elaboration All of the above Rehearsal Organization 12 (3 points) Most babies born to mothers who used cocaine regularly during pregnancy Came into the world drug addicted Have abnormally low pitched and dull cries Are extremely placid and calm Survived only a few days 13 (3 points) Wanda, who is pregnant, lives in an old apartment building where multiple layers of paint are flaking off the walls. To protect her baby, Wanda should have the paint tested for Mercury Lead Phosphorous Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) 14 (3 points) Qualitative changes involve None of the above Both Amount Type or kind 15 (3 points) Which of the following stages relate to Freud Oral, Anal None of the above trust vs mistrust, Autonomy vs shame Sensorimotor, Preoperational 16 (3 points) Amniotic fluid Produces blood cells until the developing liver, spleen, and bone marrow are mature enough to take over this function Separates the mother’s bloodstream from the embryo or fetal bloodstream Provides a protective cover and nourishment to the prenatal organism Helps keep the temperature constant 17 (3 points) In Erikson’s model, what is critical in promoting healthy personality developmental? Sex Tabula Rasa Crisis Cognitive 18 (3 points) Teenage mothers are at greater risk than older mothers for prenatal complications because The risky behavior of many teenagers causes chromosomal abnormalities in their babies Most teenagers reproductive organs are not yet mature enough to support a pregnancy Many pregnant teenager do not receive adequate prenatal care The egg cells or ovum of teenagers are not yet mature enough to successfully unite with the father’s sperm cells 19 (3 points) Which of the following represent Piaget’s stages Oral, anal phallic, latency, genital Trust, autonomy, initiative, industry, identity Id, ego, superego sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational, formal operational 20 (3 points) Which of the following statements represent what is generally believed by social scientists? People help shape their own development Humans are resilient All of the above Knowledge is useful 21 (3 points) Autosomes Are the 22 matching chromosome pairs in each human cell Are the 23rd pair of chromosomes Determine the sex of the child Contain the sex chromosomes 23 (3 points) Chromosomes Store and transmit genetic information Always come in XY pairs Are inherited from the mother only Are located outside of the cell nucleus 24 (3 points) In which Piagetian stage of development do infants “think” by acting on the world with their eyes, ears, and hands? Operational Sensorimotor Preoperational Preformal 25 (3 points) Which of the following represents Freud’s contribution to human development? All behavior is motivated by unconscious dynamics Sexuality is a major motivating force in human behavior Industry vs Inferiority Errors and other unintended behaviors have symbolic meanings 26 (3 points) Your friend is a healthy woman over the age of 35 who is thinking of having her first child. You can tell her that She is more likely than a woman in her twenties to have a baby born with chromosomal defects She is likely to have more prenatal complications than a woman in her twenties She is likely to have a longer and more difficult labor than younger women Her baby is more likely than a younger woman’s baby to be low birth weight 27 (3 points) The most well-known effect of smoking during the prenatal period is Childhood lung cancer respiratory distress low birth weight allergies 28 (3 points) An expectant mother who ensures that her meat is well cooked and has other family members change the cat’s litter box is trying to avoid rubella cytomegalovirus polychlorinated biphenyls toxoplasmosis 29 (3 points) _____ refers to a limited time span during which a part of the body or a behavior is biologically prepared to develop rapidly and is especially sensitive to its surroundings range of reaction a sensitive period canalization the age of viability 30 (3 points) A ______ refers to any environmental agent that causes damage during the prenatal period Pollutant Chemical hazard Toxin Teratogen 31 (3 points) According to Erikson, a combination of adult expectations and children’s drive towards mastery creates what stage of development? Initiative vs. Guilt Autonomy vs. Shame/Doubt Trust vs. Mistrust Industry vs. Inferiority
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