2 marketing questions

  1. Privacy Issues
    Visit the Google Privacy website and watch the video Google’s Privacy Principles.  What do 
    Google’s Privacy Principles tell us about the company’s ability to collect information about individuals and businesses?  What privacy issues arise, and how can they be resolved?  Do you think Google is doing a good job of responding to privacy issues?


Google’s Privacy Principles
This video, produced by Google, explains Google’s privacy principles. It supports the Privacy Issues discussion for this week.


  1. A Female-Centric Phone
    Read the article 
    HTC Bliss: a Verizon Android phone for women? Respond to the questions:
    a. Why is this phone for women versus for people?
    b. Wouldn’t men also like a soothing phone with a no-slip grip? 
    c. Do women need phones made just for them?  Why or why not?
    Explain your rationale. 


·  Stern, J. (2011, May 4). HTC Bliss: a Verizon Android phone for women? This is my next…. [Web log post]. Retrieved from http://thisismynext.com/2011/05/04/htc-bliss-verizon-android-phone-for-women/
This article provides information on a reported new smartphone from HTC that will be marketed to women. It supports the A Female-Centric Android Phone discussion for this week.


Each post must be between 200-300 words each and use the sources listed above.

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