Write 2-3 pages for each of quesitons.

1. For this paper, you will need to find a job advertisement that is interesting to you. Job openings/listings are advertised and can be found in newspapers, professional journals, job hunting websites, corporate websites, or other such places. For the purposes of this paper, you can use any of the above resources, or something entirely different, but you will need to use a descriptive ad rather than something generic or brief. Ideally you will use an ad that includes a salary range and a description of the job duties.

The first part of the paper should detail your goal as it relates to this job. For example, if you’ve set a goal to be a school superintendent, then that’s obviously the goal. Begin your paper with your goal statement. Include in your goals any objectives that will lead to it, including college education and jobs along the way. (For example, a school superintendent was first a teacher, then a principal, then often another administrative position).

The second part should discuss your decision making style, as related to examples in the lectures, such as the Penn State Career Decision Making Style pdf. Describe your style, how it lead you to choose the career path and goals you’ve stated. Using the job description and another resource such as the Occupational Outlook Handbook or the O*Net (and of course citing it) discuss how your decision making will be affected by the duties of your job. Provide thoughtful analysis about this and whether your style will ever adapt to the job or the opposite.

The third part should investigate salaries for the jobs in your goals and objectives, compared to your expectations. You can use the Occupational Outlook Handbook, the job ad, or another, cited resource to use a sample salary scale. For one of the jobs in your career objectives, provide a life goal section for this paper. For example, if your job is police officer, provide the salary, and then deduct about 17% from the salary for taxes, and benefits. How much is left every two weeks? Provide a narrative describing how you will spend money and what long term goals you have financially, such as having a family or retiring. If you need figures for rent, etc. base them on what you know you pay, or your parent’s mortgage advice, or research rents in the newspapers of one place you’d like to live.

Finally, summarize this career and how you will meet your goals. Describe how you think this information is useful to you and how you will use it to develop a career and life plan.

2.For this assignment, find a job description that matches one of the career fields you’re considering. The source can be newspapers, job boards (Monster, etc), professional/trade journals, etc.

Write a cover letter and a resume specific to that occupation and submit it here. Include the job description for the position you are using as an example. It’s OK to cut and paste the ad you use and submit it as a separate page of the assignment. (In other words, page one can be the posting, page two the cover letter, and page three the resume. In fact, that’s exactly how I’d like it submitted.)

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