1calculate mass and volume oxygen released when 294g potassium chlorate kclosmall3 decompose

1.Calculate the mass and volume of oxygen released when 29.4g potassium chlorate (KCLO(small3)) decomposes to form potassium chloride and oxygen 2.consider the reaction: 2SO(small2) (g) + O(small2)(g) –> 2SO(small3)(g) if 96g SO(small2) is added to 2 moles of oxygen at STP , calculate : a.mass of SO(small3) that is formed b.volume of SO(small3) that is formed c.volume of oxygen used d.total volume of gas in the container at the end of the reaction e.number of molecules os SO(small3) that is fromed 3.lithium reacts with water to form lithium hydroxide and hydrogen gas a.write a balanced equation b.if you use a 2g piece of lithium to react with an excess of water, calculate the mass and volume of hydrogen gas that was prepared 4.magnesium ribbon reacts with oxygen in the air to from with powder, magnesium oxide a.wirte a balanced equation b.calculate amount of magnesium oxide that can be formed from 20g of magnesium ribbon c.calculate volume of oxygen required to react with 20g of magnesium at STP
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