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this is a forum you have to  submitted an appropriate and substantive post to the original assignment of at least 100 words. This includes addressing all of the original questions/issues in a grammatically correct and logical manner, after that you have to response to  another student’s post in a grammatically correct and logical manner (this home work have to be done within 24 hours please)


Research and find some information on a computerized accounting system. What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of a computerized accounting system over a manual system? Be sure to note your source in proper APA format.


student comment 1:

There are many advantages and disadvantages to using a computerized accounting systems (CAS)  compared to the manual systems. CAS help with keeping financial records for a long amount of time and also assist in have accurate amounts.Another advantage is that it is less time-consuming then manual accounting. However, with using these systems there is always a chance in an employee inputs the wrong information, or with the viruses that probe our technology now. With using a manual system, the advantages are that you know your balances because they say writing things helps you remember better than typing. With every system there is advantages and disadvantages. It all matters on if you prefer to rely on yourself or rely on technology. In my opinion, computerized systems would work more because they aid in keeping records straight, along with saving time. 

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student comment 2:

The best thing that happen to accounting was the utilization of computerized equipment, all the advantage that this bring to and an accountant overlook the couple of disadvantage that computer have. You can finish your work a lot faster; assist us with a more accurate resolve, Another important advantage is that you can keep all the records for a longer time and is more secure that a paper. We know that computerized equipment is not perfect in the end humans are the one that are computing all the data a mistake can happen, the other issue will be if you get a virus all the data will be lose, but even for that is a solution , keep all your records in a separated disk. No matter what happen manual accounting have more disadvantage and is obsolete.  We still can make mistake writing all the information and a piece of paper and we still can misplace our records. I don’t think that in the year 2014 any accountant will use the manual over the computer; this will make their job more difficult and longer. Obviously every system has their advantage and disadvantage, but computer have lees disadvantage that manual accounting.



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